Croham Hurst Golf Club

The Warren League

The Warren (WL) is an Association of Golf Clubs formed to provide a venue for social gathering and the spread of friendship and goodwill between male members of local golf clubs.

There are two leagues in both the WL consisting of nine clubs and consequently each club play four home and four away matches during the season.

The leagues are known as the “Red” and “Blue” divisions in the WL and “Green” and “White” divisions in the HL.

Matches should normally be played on a Saturday or Sunday but by mutual arrangement may be played on other days.

Each club will play all the other clubs in their League once each season and in the following season, the home & away matches will be reversed.

Every other year the leagues will be changed to make sure that over a period all member clubs will play each other. The Warren League Captain (WLC) will arrange these changes.

By the end of February latest each club will submit to the WLC their full details of their eight matches which will post on the WL website by the end of March.

The score of the match will be based on the number of games, won, drawn and lost. The winning club will be awarded two points and in the event of a halved match one point will be awarded to each club.

It is the duty of both clubs to notify the WLC by email the results of the match and the match score immediately after the match.

It is customary for the home club to entertain the visitors to a snack or meal after the match.

The home club should advise these arrangements to the away club prior the fixture being played.

Buggies can be used in matches if this is agreed by both Captains prior to the match being played.

Any matter of doubt and all disputes should be referred to the WLC whose decision shall be final. It is however expected that where ever possible that all such matters will be dealt with by the clubs concerned in the true spirit of the league.

All league matches must be completed by the end of August for semi final playoffs and finals day to be arranged.

There will not be any playoffs to decide league positions and in the event of clubs finishing the season with the same number of points the top two positions in any leagues will be decided on the following basis:

Firstly, the club with the best “goal difference”  that is the winning matches, less losing matches will be the winner.

Secondly, if needed,  the result of the match between the clubs involved and thirdly, if needed, by the toss of a coin to decide the winner.

The top two clubs in both leagues, winner of league A will play at home to the runner up of league B and vice versa in a playoff to decide which clubs will contest the final.

The home club will offer the away club at least two weekend dates in September, for the match to be played. The away club must accept one of these dates.

If the home club cannot offer dates as above the match will then be played at the away club on one of the two dates offered.

Finals day

The Annual Competition & Dinner is held on the second Saturday in October at Kingswood Golf & Country Club and all the arrangements are made by the WLC.

The winners of the semi-finals will contest the WL & HL finals. In addition, all clubs will send two representatives to play in both the Parker & Hilliard Plate (4BBB Stableford) competitions. In both these competitions the club with the fewest number of points will be awarded the wooden spoon.

All the trophies presented at the annual dinner can be taken back to the winner’s club for one year upon indemnification for loss or damage.

Notice for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the WL will be sent by the WLC to all clubs at least 21 days prior to the meeting.

The meeting will be held after play on finals day and each member club is required to send at least one delegate to the AGM.

As well as providing the clubs with a forum for discussion the level of the annual subscription will be decided at the AGM.

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