Membership Categories

Mens Section

The men’s section is very active in golfing and social terms. It participates in various league and team events being the Hilliard League, Warren League, Scratch and friendlies. During the year monthly medals and stablefords are competed for along with a number of major events that hold the prestige of an honours board in the clubhouse. 

The strength of golf at the club is exceptional with a number of active category 1 golfers who compete regularly in open events around the county and local region. If your golf does not quite match up to the serious competition that our category 1 golfers enjoy then the more relaxed Tuesday and Saturday afternoon swindle may suit a little more. 

In a typical golfing year our men’s calendar includes:

  • The Hilliard League - is an association of golf clubs formed to provide a venue for social gathering and the spread of friendship and goodwill. The concept of the League is to allow as many of those members, with a handicap of twelve and below, representing their club in a competitive match play environment.
  • The Warren League – formed in 1957 provides an opportunity for players with handicaps of 10-27 to play for their club in competitive but friendly matches. The aim is to allow as many members in this handicap range to represent the club and is open to all categories of membership.
  • Numerous friendly matches
  • Monthly and Mid-week Medals
  • Monthly and Mid-week Stablefords
  • Captains Day and Dinner Dance
  • Invitation Day
  • Numerous fun competitions
  • Numerous honour board competitions
  • Captain and Pro Challenge

Ladies Section

The Ladies Section has nearly 100 members of whom 50 - 60 play regularly. We pride ourselves on being a friendly, enthusiastic and active section of the club who meet every Tuesday and Sunday for competitions. Monthly tea and prize-givings are held which enable members to interact socially and catch up with the latest news within the club.

In a typical golfing year, our ladies calendar includes:

  • Monthly medals and stablefords
  • Major Cup Competitions including matchplay knockouts
  • Numerous “fun” competitions
  • An Open Day and Two Invitation Days for lady members from other clubs
  • Regular friendly matches against other Surrey, Kent & Sussex Clubs
  • Competing in Surrey competitions including The Pearson Trophy, The Derry Cup,  The Druce, The Hicks and the Centenary Bowl
  • Competing in National competitions including The Mail on Sunday and Coronation Foursomes, Ping 4BBB
  • Lady Captain’s Day, Lady Captain's Day Out and Captain’s Prize Day

In addition to golf, there is a regular Bridge group that meet weekly. We have a Book club who meet monthly. There is a group that enjoy visits to local theatres when suitable productions are being performed. We run various activities to raise funds for the Captain’s Charity including an Annual Bridge Drive and the Ladies Open.

The Ladies Section warmly welcomes new members, with or without handicaps.

If interested please contact the Lady Captain via the Club Office.

Layabouts & Seniors

In a typical golfing year, our Layabouts calendar includes:

  • 17 competitions
  • An Invitation day in June
  • The Captain's away day in July
  • A host of Stableford events
  • 24 matches against local clubs (12 of which are away)

The "Layabouts" is a friendly, vibrant part of Croham Hurst and guarantees a warm welcome to new members.

Junior Section

Croham Hurst Golf Club has an active and thriving junior section. Juniors at Croham range in age from 8 to 18 years and range in skill from the complete beginner to the category one golfer. There are over 100 juniors at Croham, including 15 girls. We have an active junior calendar with club competitions, matches, both friendly and league, together with mixed adult and junior events. We also have practice and play sessions for newer golfers as well as the established golfer. There is a full programme of coaching provided by the clubs professionals. Juniors are a vital section in any golf club, and Croham Hurst recognises the importance of encouraging and developing juniors.

Scratch Team

Our Scratch Team has existed for many years with its most significant year in 2004 - winning the Surrey Scratch Knockout (beating Bramley Golf Club in the Final). This historic day for the club was enjoyed by both the team and all the membership who watched us lift the trophy.

The winning squad consisted of Robert Wicks (Captain), Mark Ellis, Ian Seymour, Barry Seymour, James Elmer, Lance Wheeler, Tom Irwin and Terry Langley.

The current squad of players have formed a very strong unit over the past few years notably includes Mark Ellis, a former County Champion and James Elmer both playing off a handicap of +1 and Ian Seymour who plays off scratch.

It is with the scratch team set-up, that we have had the opportunity to create not only success as a team, but create an environment for our scratch team players to fulfil their potential as individuals. Further, with a the new Junior programme in place and invaluable and continued members support, we hope to have success for many years to come.


There is a thriving bridge section at the club and lessons, based on the EBU Bridge for all scheme, are given to both beginners and improvers during the winter.

Chicago style bridge drives are held on a monthly basis during the winter in a friendly atmosphere with a variety of prizes. Arrangements are in hand to have friendly team competitions with other local golf clubs.

Rubber Bridge is played regularly in the club and in the near future it is hoped to have a competition between the ladies and gentlemen, which could become an annual event.