In his lifetime James Braid was involved in the original design or the redesign of more than four hundred courses. Below is a list of the course, prices and rules of each course that you can play at at a discounted rate.


1 Tee reservations for a two, three or four ball must be made in advance (at least 24 hours), stating you are booking under the ‘Association of James Braid Courses’ scheme

2 You will be required to provide proof of home club to Professional on your arrival – either handicap certificate or bar card which MUST show your name; a logo on your sweater is NOT acceptable…..cheeky!

3  Bookings will only be accepted based on Club’s tee availability and cannot be accepted with any other offer

4  The green fee being charged is shown below;  green fees valid for both ladies and gentlemen

5  These rates are for members of member clubs only and NOT for a group/society. [I have had reports of groups trying to work the system by booking one four ball in one name, then another in another and then another; this is abusing the idea of the Association and will result in clubs refusing your booking/s. Please do not do this] See 6 below.

6  Certain clubs will accept bookings for away day/touring groups and these are signified by G followed by a number signifying the maximum number in a group at the green fee rates shown below. A full list of all participating clubs in this part of the scheme is shown at the end. Groups must be booked well in advance and all members must be members of an Association member club; other members of the group must pay the full green fee.  The group organiser will be expected to provide proof of membership of member clubs.

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 James Braid was involved in the design, either originally or the re-design, of more than 400 courses. A book recently published,  ‘James Braid and his Four Hundred Golf Courses’ is available from either

Grant Books        email

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