The lottery was set up in the year 2000 to provide Club  facilities that the Management Board would struggle to finance or are not high on their list of priorities. Over the years it has funded patio furniture,  Club signage, drinking fountains,  air shoe cleaning machine and much more.  To date approximately £50,000 has been spent on projects and £50,000  paid in monthly prizes.

Four prizes are drawn each month ranging between £50 - £130. The more members who join the higher the prizes awarded because 50% of monthly income is returned to lottery members.  At Christmas there is a ‘Bonanza’ draw with four prizes totalling £1250.

All members of the  Golf Club, including employees and social members are eligible to join.  For £5.00 a month (less than the cost of pints of beer) the chance of winning is much higher than any other lottery you will join.


Download the application form and  bank standing order form*, complete and leave for Roy Simmons (Treasurer) in the members ‘S’  mail box in the front entrance hall.  He will process your application and allocate you a number that will appear in the next months draw. To be eligible for the Christmas draw you must have joined the 2000club by the end of August.

(*If you wish, you may leave a cheque for £60 made payable to CHGC 2000club)

For further information please speak to Brian Carter (Chairman) Sally Hubbard (Secretary) or Roy Simmons (Treasurer)


 28th April, 2018

Dear Member,

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the ‘2000club’ will be held on   Monday 18th June at 7pm in the Committee Room.


1          Secretary to read the Notice Convening the Meeting

2          Apologies for Absence

3          To approve and sign the minutes of the AGM Tuesday 14th March 2017

4          Chairman’s Report

5          Treasurer’s Report

6          Adoption of the Treasurer’s Report and Accounts to 31st December       2017

7          Election of officers.

                        Chairman        Brian Carter                in post

                        Secretary         Sally Hubbard             in post

                        Treasurer         Roy Simmons.             in post

8          Any Other Business.

Our membership has reduced further this year to 117.  As expressed in the past, it is disappointing that whilst members enjoy the use of the facilities provided by the 2000club, we are unable to encourage more members to participate.   The cost is only £5 a month and a few additional contributors would greatly increase the four monthly prizes now offered and the monies available to provide items that the Board is unable to prioritise.

Notwithstanding, since its inception in  the Millennium, the  2000club has contributed in excess of £50,000 to various projects around the club;  In 2017 we were able to  replace the  bespoke  Croham flags, poles and cups on the 18 greens. at a cost of £1725.00.  It is these little touches that enhance and  keep Croham at the forefront of golf clubs in the area.

Thank you to those members who contribute to the 2000club.

Yours sincerely,

Sally Hubbard.

Secretary 2000club.